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2017 Montana Archaeology Month Call for Events!

The Native American Student Award Committee of the Plains Anthropological Society announces its intent to award one or more grants of up to $1000 each to qualifying Native American student(s). The Committee may evaluate and award separate grants to undergraduate and graduate students in Anthropology.
Grant funds are intended to help defray the costs of tuition, books, room and board for the student(s). Funds will be administered by the winning student’s academic department. The successful recipient will also receive a one year membership in the Plains Anthropological Society that includes receiving the peer-reviewed journal Plains Anthropologist.
To apply: please visit the Plains Anthropological Society website for details and applications http://plainsanthropologicalsociety.org/scholarship

Making Archaeology Public Project
The National Historic Preservation Act in Big Sky Country shares a story of two fascinating archaeological sites that essentially bookend 10,000 + years of human habitation in the Big Sky Country that we know today as Montana. The Montana Archaeological Society in concert with the Montana Department of Transpiration, Montana State Office of the Bureau of Land Management, and the Montana State Historic Preservation Office worked with Montana PBS to produce the video in honor of the amazing archaeology identified and saved by the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966.
View the video!

--We Want Your Old MAS Newsletters!!--
The MAS needs your help to fill out its archive with the various newsletters, e.g., Shovel and Trowel, etc., that have been produced sporadically through the years. If you have one (or some) in your possession, please consider doing one of the following:

1) bring them to the Montana Archaeology society meeting this April so they can be scanned;
2) scan them and email them to clee@metcalfarchaeology.com

This call is especially important to our long term members. If you know of someone who might have an archive squirreled away, please let them know about this request.

Have you heard about the "Making Archaeology Public" or "MAP" Project?? It celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) in 2016. The project will create an interactive, web-based map that will allow users to select a state and view a c.15 minute video on the subject: "Amazing Historic Discoveries which Resulted from Legally-‐Mandated Archaeological Surveys and Excavations."
Your MAS Board, in concert with the MT State Historic Preservation Office and a handful of volunteers, came up with a working list of projects that can be discussed at the meeting. The list can grow, but by the end of the MAS meeting it needs to be winnowed down to no more than three (3) projects that will be highlighted. The three rules governing the selection are: 1) the project has to have yielded new knowledge about the past; 2) it has to be the result of NHPA‐driven archaeology; and 3) it needs to be engaging to the public! Potential topics include:
- The Paleoindian‐age Mill Iron bison kill site in southeast MT (BLM survey for a stock pond)
- The historic Crow Agency II in south‐central MT (MDT Highway project)
- Les Davis’s Pilgrim stone circle excavations by Townsend in central MT (BLM Nat. Guard)
- The multicomponent Bootlegger Trail site on Tiber Reservoir in north‐central MT (BOR)
- The Weatherman Draw rock art site in southcentral Montana (BLM)
- The Recognition & Carbone rock art sites (BLM – mines went around them)


Montana Paleoindian Artifact Recording Project: A Call For Data

Please help us to systematically record information about Montana Paleoindian artifacts, to contribute to a continent-wide database. Such projects are underway in many states, provinces, and parishes throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico (Anderson 1990a, Anderson et al. 2009), and are an extremely important source of information about the early human settlement
of the Americas. We need to get Montana on the map! 

For further information please click here.           Point Form


Federal archaeology jobs in Montana

Open Position - Office of the Wyoming State Archaeologist (More info)