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One of the best ways to learn about and participate in Montana archaeology is to join the Montana Archaeological Society (MAS), a nonprofit organization founded in 1958 and open to both amateur and professional archaeologists as well as interested individuals. See the membership section of the webiste for more information.

Volunteer Programs: 

**Passport in Time:

Each year the U.S.D.A. Forest Service sponsors a variety of archaeological and historic preservation field projects in Montana especially for volunteers.

Passport in Time Clearinghouse
P.O. Box 31315
Tucson, Arizona 85751-1315

**Montana Site Stewardship Program:

Project Archaeology and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) formed a partnership to develop a Montana Site Stewardship Program.

To become a Montana Site Stewardship volunteer, you must fill out an application and attend a two-day training workshop. Volunteer training includes classroom instruction and fieldwork. To register for an upcoming workshop please contact Crystal Alegria at (406) 994-6925 or calegria@montana.edu

**Project Archaeology:

Project Archaeology is an educational organization based at Montana State University in Bozeman, MT. Project Archaeology is dedicated to teaching scientific and historical inquiry, cultural understanding, and the importance of protecting our nation’s rich cultural resources. We are a national network of archaeologists, educators, and concerned citizens working to make archaeology education accessible to students and teachers nation-wide through high-quality educational materials and professional development.

**Montana Paleoindian Artifact Recording Project:A Call For Data

Please help us to systematically record information about Montana Paleoindian artifacts, to contribute to a continent-wide database. Such projects are underway in many states, provinces, and parishes throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico (Anderson 1990a, Anderson et al. 2009), and are an extremely important source of information about the early human settlement
of the Americas. We need to get Montana on the map! 
For further information please click here.           Point Form

**Traveling Educational Trunks across Montana**
A guide to educational trunks for the teaching of archaeology and history in Montana schools.

Further information on archaeology or archaeologists in your area can also be obtained from:

Stan Wilmoth, State Archaeologist
State Historic Preservation Office
Montana Historical Society
1410 8th Avenue/P.O. Box 201202
Helena, Montana 59620-1202

More Information on Montana Archaeology

State of Montana Area  

Bureau of Land Management

  • Montana State Office Gary Smith 406-896-5214
  • Billings Curation Center David Wade 406-896-5213
  • Billings Field Office Carolyn Sherve-Bybee 406-896-5234
  • Butte Field Office Carrie Kiely 406-533-7600
  • Dillon Field Office Jason Strahl 406-683-8000
  • Havre Field Office Joshua Chase 406-265-5891
  • Lewistown Field Office Zane Fulbright 406-538-1923
  • Missoula Field Office Jodi Miller 406-329-1058
  • Miles City Field Office Doug Melton 406-233-2848

USDA Forest Service

  • Northern Regional Office 406-329-3654
  • Beaverhead-Deer Lodge (Dillon) NF Ryan Powell 406-683-3900
  • Bitterroot NF 406-363-3131
  • Custer-Gallatin NF Halcyon LaPoint 406-248-9885
  • Beaverhead-Deer Lodge (Butte) NF Tammy Cherullo 406-494-0256
  • Flathead NF 406-758-5258
  • Helena NF Arian Randall 406-449-5201
  • Kootenai NF Justin Moschelle 406-283-7666
  • Lewis & Clark NF Mark Bodily 406-791-7742
  • Lolo NF Sydney Bacon 406-329-3853

Bureau of Reclamation

  • Montana Area Office, Rick Hanson 406-247-7666

Bureau of Indian Affairs

  • Jo'Etta Buckhouse 406-247-7911

Yellowstone National Park 

  • 307-344-2155

Archaeological sites on public land are protected by state and federal law. Contact one of the above individuals about archaeological discoveries on public lands.

Human remains and burial sites are protected under state law. If you discover human skeletal material, immediately contact your County Coroner, law enforcement and/or call the State Historic Preservation Office (406-444-7715).
Information on other Montana archaeologists, including archaeological consultants, can be obtained from the State Historic Preservation Office (406-444-7715) or you may view a list on their website at: http://mhs.mt.gov/shpo/PreservationHelp.asp


University of Montana

Pictograph Cave

Yellowstone County Peter Yegen Museum

Museum of the Rockies

MSU-Billings Center for the Northern Plains

Custer National Forest

Bureau of Land Management

Project Archaeology

Virginia City

Geochemical Research Laboratory 

Richard E. Hughes, Ph.D., RPA
Director, Geochemical Research Laboratory 20 Portola Green Circle Portola Valley, CA 94028-7833
Phone: (650) 851-1410
Specialization is materials characterization, principally volcanic glass (obsidian) "sourcing".