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Conservation Archaeology Application

The Commitee on Conservation Archaeology (CCA) of the Montana Archaeological Society has released its new application form. If you are a member of MAS and have an Archaeology conservation project in mind, there is money available. Please read below:

The Commitee on Conservation Archaeology (CCA) is a subgroup of the larger Montana Archaeological Society (MAS). Our mission is to conserve archaeological resources and the information embodied within them using scholarly research, stewardship programs, recording techniques, publications, stabilization efforts, conservation easements, resource banking, and public education. Support provided by the CCA is meant to supplement existng efforts, not to be a primary source of funding.

MAS members can apply to the CCA to support a specific project. If approved by the Commitee, funding will range from $500 to $2,000 depending on the number of applications received and the merits of the project. Applications are reviewed at the annual MAS meeng. Applicants are encouraged to atend the Commitee meeting to present their application. The ideal project is a joint effort between advocationalists, professional archaeologists, and the general public. Examples of successful past projects include funding for C-14 dates, pole-assisted aerial photography services, and GPR testing.

Volunteer Programs

Passport in Time

Each year the U.S.D.A. Forest Service sponsors a variety of archaeological and historic preservation field projects in Montana especially for volunteers.

Passport in Time Clearinghouse
P.O. Box 31315
Tucson, Arizona 85751-1315

Traveling Educational Trunks Across Montana

A guide to educational trunks for the teaching of archaeology and history in Montana schools.

Northwest Montana Educational Trunk List October 2021

Further information on archaeology or archaeologists in your area can also be obtained from:

Jessica Bush, State Archaeologist:
(406) 444-0388  Email:

State Historic Preservation Office
Montana Historical Society
1410 8th Avenue/P.O. Box 201202
Helena, Montana 59620-1202

More Information on Montana Archaeology

A complete list of Montana Archaeologists and Preservation help can be found at:
Preservation Help: Partners, Architects and Consultants

State of Montana Area

MT Historical Society: Jessica Bush (406)-444-0388

State Trust Lands: Patrick Rennie (406)-444-2882

Fish Wildlife Service Archaeologist: Allison Parrish (406) 994-9949

Dept. of Transportation: Ryan Wendel: (406) 444-0455

Fish, Wildlife & Parks Archaeologists:
Rachel Reckin:

Brenna Moloney:

State Historic Preservation Office

Pete Brown, State Historic Preservation Officer:
(406) 444-7718  Email:
• MHS historic preservation program manager
• Staff supervision
• Historic preservation planning, goals, objectives, policies and priorities
• Programmatic agreements and partnerships
• Comments, commendations and complaints

John Boughton, National Register Coordinator:
(406) 444-3647  Email:
• Inquiries regarding NR listing or listed properties
• Creates, edits and submits NR nominations to the State Review Board and the Keeper
• Significance of Historical Properties

Lindsay Tran, Historic Architecture Specialist:
(406) 444-7717 
• Tax Act project development and review
• Technical assistance for structural rehabilitation and restoration
• Lead Section 106 review for architectural properties
• CDBG, CTEP, Travel MT, Art Council and Cultural Trust Grant Review

Melissa Munson, Administrative Assistant:
(406) 444-7715  Email:
• Correspondence tracking and database entry
• Maintains Service Directory, mailing lists
• General information and telephone assistance

Damon Murdo, Cultural Records Manager:
(406) 444-7767. Email:
• Management of Montana Cultural Resource Database and Geographic Information System (GIS)
• Conducts File Searches for federal and state agencies
• Recommendations regarding need for inventory or other identification efforts

Kate Hampton, Community Preservation Coordinator:
(406) 444-7742. Email:
• Coordinator for certified local governments/local preservation offices
• Historical survey, community district and thematic NR nominations
• Information and assistance regarding listed properties, preservation grants, and heritage education resources

Cultural Records Assistant:
(406) 444-4724
• GIS Data technician
• Issues Smithsonian Numbers for newly located archaeological, historic, and paleontological sites.
• Performs site form data requests.

Laura Evilsizer, Compliance Officer:
(406) 444-7719. Email:
• Primary section 106 compliance contact
• Historical property types eligibility and effect
• Section 106 training, PA and MOA development
• Compliance information assistance

Jessica Bush, State Archaeologist:
(406) 444-0388. Email:
• Archaeological and Traditional Cultural Properties consultation
• State Antiquities Permits
• General guidance, technical assistance and heritage education
• Native American consultation/Burial Board

Laura Marsh, Compliance Officer:
(406) 444-6485. Email:
• Section 106 Compliance (parttime)

Bureau of Land Management

Montana State Office, Josh Chase (Acting) (406)-896-5214

Billings Curation Center, David Wade (406)-896-5213

Billings Field Office, Jen Macy (406)-896-5234

Butte Field Office, Chris Pettyjohn (406)-533-7600

Dillon Field Office, Shannon Gilbert (406)-683-8000

Havre Field Office, Joshua Chase (406)-265-5891

Lewistown Field Office, Joshua Chase (406)-538-1923

Miles City Field Office, CJ Truesdale (406)-233-2848

USDA Forest Service

Northern Regional Office, Jorie Clark, Regional Archaeologist (406)-329-3654

Beaverhead-Deer Lodge NF:
Ayme Swartz, Professional Archaeologist (406)-560-5250
Staff Officer, Mike Ryan, (406)-683-3891

Bitterroot NF, Matthew Werle (406)-363-7183

West Zone Archaeologist, Connie Constan (406)-255-1455

Flathead NF, Ryan Powell (406)-758-5258.

Helena-Lewis and Clark NF:
Helena NF, Arian Randall (406)-495-3752
Lewis & Clark NF, Mark Bodily (406)-791-7742

Kootenai NF, Cindy Hemry (406)-283-7666
Libby District, Tommy Livoti
Three Rivers and Cabinet Ranger Districts, Dustin Hill

Lolo NF Sydney Bacon (406)-329-3853
West Zone Archaeologist, Erika Scheuring (406)-329-3853

Bureau of Reclamation

Montana Area Office, Rick Hanson (406)-247-7666

Bureau of Indian Affairs

Jo’Etta Plumage (406)-247-7911

Yellowstone National Park


Archaeological sites on public land are protected by state and federal law. Contact one of the above individuals about archaeological discoveries on public lands.

Human remains and burial sites are protected under state law. If you discover human skeletal material, immediately contact your County Coroner, law enforcement and/or call the State Historic Preservation Office (406)-444-7715.

Information on other Montana archaeologists, including archaeological consultants, can be obtained from the State Historic Preservation Office (406)-444-7715


University of Montana Anthropology
Pictogragh Cave
Museum of the Rockies
BLM-Billinqs Curation Center
Custer National Forest
Bureau of Land Management
Project Archaeology
Virginia City, Montana

Geochemical Research Laboratory
Richard E. Hughes, Ph.D., RPA
Director, Geochemical Research Laboratory
20 Portola Green Circle
Portola Valley, CA 94028-7833
Phone: (650) 851-1410
Specialization is materials characterization, principally volcanic glass (obsidian) “sourcing”.