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News & Events


February, 2023

Ruthann Knudson Archaeological Memorial
Field School Award

Established in honor of Ruthann Knudson, this award is intended to help female students who plan to participate in an archaeological field school. The award for female students honors the request by Ruthann who was an accomplished author, dedicated teacher, and leader for women in archaeology. Ruthann’s archaeological career spanned academia, cultural resource management, public service, and policy development.

Montana students majoring in archaeology, or related disciplines, are especially encouraged to apply. This award is open to women of all backgrounds who attend a Montana college, community college, tribal college or university The award provides $800 to help pay expenses associated with participation in an archaeological field school. Applicants must be undergraduate students, who have begun their junior year, or graduate students. Applicants must be at least 18 years old. The review committee will consider both academic achievement and financial need in its deliberations.

Applicants must complete the information requested below by March 15th no later than 12:00 midnight MST.  All application materials including the letter of recommendation must be received by the March 15th deadline. Incomplete or late applications will NOT be considered by the review committee. Applicants will be notified of the committee’s decision no later than April 15th.

The award recipient must agree to provide a short description of the attended field school, with photographs, no later than 60 days after completion of the field school. That information will be posted on the MAS Website. If not already a member of MAS you must join at the student rate of $20 per year. The benefits of membership include receiving the Archaeology in Montana journal, admission to the MAS annual meeting, and a chance to network with other professional archaeologists.

Please include the following information in your application:

• How the field school meets the academic requirement of your program.
• Information about the field school you hope to attend and your anticipated length of stay.
• Your current GPA
• A brief essay (500 words or less) explaining why you want to participate in this specific field school and how the experience will contribute to your current course of study and eventual career goals. Address your financial need for this award.
• A budget of anticipated expenses associated with participation in the field school. Please include in the budget any other financial resources available or applied for, if any, to help cover these expenses.
• A letter of recommendation from a professor or academic advisor who knows your work and who is willing to provide a letter of recommendation.
• A letter from the director of the field school or coordinator of the field school program indicating you have been accepted for participation.

Please email your application and attached documents to:


February, 2023

Navigating the Federal Hiring System Workshop

Hi all,
I wanted to share that Life in the Wildlands nonprofit organization will be offering a workshop on Navigating the Federal Hiring
Process. This workshop is geared toward those that are pursuing a conservation career with a federal agency; however, it will also benefit anyone that is planning to apply for any federal position. The cost is $20/person and will be held on March 3rd, 2023 from 6pm-7:30pm MST.

If you can share this with your contacts, or post on your community bulletin boards, I would greatly appreciate it. This is a very valuable workshop that will provide all of the tips and tricks so that the federal hiring process is understood for better job success. The federal USAJobs application system is very difficult and tricky, leading to many failed application attempts. With these efforts, it is imperative to increase the federal conservation workforce so that our public lands are managed sustainably and protected!

There are other free resources out there, but I assure you that this workshop will offer digestible information that you won’t get anywhere else for better federal job success. It is a great career investment! For further questions, please give me a call at (406) 848-1660 or email


January, 2023

Points of View: A Guide on Saskatchewan Projectile Points with Indigenous Perspectives

The Saskatchewan Archaeological Society is pleased to announce that we have just published “Points of View: A Guide on Saskatchewan Projectile Points with Indigenous Perspectives”.  The projectile points featured are found throughout most of the Northern Plains and Boreal Forest.  

The book retails for $29.95 CAD plus GST.  See the attached poster for a description and more information.  We’d appreciate it if you could share the poster with your organization’s members to help spread the word!  

If anyone is interested in bulk purchases (10 or more copies), please let us know.  We can offer a 40% discount on these.  You can order individual copies from our online store here:


October, 2022

New Traditional Cultural Places guidelines

The National Park Service just released a draft of the Bulletin 38 revisions (the Guidelines for Evaluating and Documenting Traditional Cultural Places). There will be a series of listening sessions and comments on the draft are welcomed until April 23, 2023.


January, 2022

Renew your MAS Membership!

Did you remember your membership dues for 2021 or need to renew for 2022? Members like you are what make the Montana Archaeological Society a fantastic organization.

For those of you behind in your MAS dues, please consider this your last notice regarding dues payment for 2022 and any previous years. We have kindly sent issues of Archaeology in Montana for the past 2 years since we were unable to meet in person and even though you may not have paid dues those years. You will not receive your 2022 journals, the first of which is nearing completion, unless you pay any dues in arears including 2022. We are hopeful that our website will be active again soon and allow on-line payments, but in the meantime please use the mailing address in the on-line form. If you have questions about how many years you need to pay for to catch up, please contact either Phyllis Green or Sydney Bacon


March, 2021

Stuart Connor Passing

MAS is sad to announce the passing of Stuart Conner in Billings recently. For those of you who didn’t know Stu, he was one of the founders of MAS and a long-time supporter. He was known nationally for his recording of petroglyphs and pictographs and was acknowledged by the Society for American Archaeology for this work through the award of the Donald Crabtree Award for Avocational Archaeologists in 1992.

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